About Us

About the Hardware and Software Platform

The Hardware and Software Platform has the mission of supporting cutting-edge scientific and technological innovation at Champalimaud Foundation by providing the technical expertise in the design and development of new technological applications across the areas of electronic, robotic, software and mechanical engineering.

It encompasses teams of hardware and software development with a broad range of expertise and diverse skill sets, that work collaboratively with researchers and clinicians seeking new technological solutions and approaches to support state of the art research and enhance health service delivery.

In addition, the Hardware and Software Platform supports the dissemination of knowledge, being over the years an active contributor of open source developments and sharing in-house developments with the research community.

About the Champalimaud Research

The goal of Champalimaud Research is to perform world-leading fundamental and translational research. Current research work is focused on the fields of neuroscience, physiology and cancer. Champalimaud Research hosts three programmes that explore the core research areas of the Foundation:

We share our work

The Hardware and Software Platform supports open source developments and share the work done with the research community.

We share our expertise, techniques, tools and ideas with the goal of contributing to the worldwide research community. 

If you find any of this designs useful or require additional or customized ones, feel free to contact us. We are able to provide the design files and/or the devices already assembled and ready to use.