HARP (HArdware Research Platform) is a family of devices created and developed by the Champalimaud Foundation Hardware Platform since 2017 that provides an efficient, intuitive and friendly way of use within an high-performance environment of tools. Since all HARP devices are synchronized, several devices can be used in the same setup.

Most important features:

  • Hardware synchronization
  • Growing family of devices
  • Share the same communication protocol and architecture
  • Each device solves a specific problem
  • Graphical tools to configure each device
  • Low size data files from experiments
  • Bonsai, Matlab, LabVIEW, and Python compatibility

State Machine

The interface with the devices are made trough Bonsai, a powerful language to run experiments, where the HARP devices are natively implemented.

Hardware Synchronization

The Clock Synchronizer distributes the timestamp.

Deviation between devices of ± 44 µs.

Non-volatile Configuration

Graphical applications to configure the devices.

Online updates of applications and devices firmware.

Events Based

Creates small data files.

Eliminates unnecessary processing.