12V output drive v1.0

Receives TTL signals and translates them to 12V signals.

The control of the 12V output signals can be done by external TTL or by SW.

Key Features

  • 12V output control signals
  • Configurable pulses to directly control valves
  • Compatible with low voltage devices (> 2.8V)
  • Able to negate the inputs


  • Equipment that requires 12V control signals


  • 1x clock sync input (CLKIN) [stereo jack]
  • 1x USB (for computer) [USB type B]
  • 1x 12V supply [barrel connector jack]
  • 4x Digital inputs (0-5V): CTRL0.0 to CTRL0.3 [BNC]
  • 4x Digital outputs (0-12V): OUT0.0 to OUT0.3 [screw terminal]