Audio switch

This is a multiplexer device that allows an analog input signal to be forwarded to several output channels. It allows to forward an audio signal to a single speaker or a combination of speakers. The configuration of speakers can be predefined by software or by using a set of digital inputs.

Key Features

  • Configuration of up to 15 speakers (depending on the input signal strength)
  • Several speakers can be activated concurrently


  • 1x stereo jack for clock sync input (CLKIN)
  • 1x USB (for computer)
  • 1x power barrel connector jack (5V only)
  • 1x screw terminal connector for output power (GND, +5V)
  • 1x screw terminal connector for speaker configuration (GND, DOUT0, GND, DIN0 to DIN4)


  • Setups that require several speakers to be controlled.

SW configuration options