This is a multi-purpose device specially fit for behavior experiments. It allows to control pokes, RGB LEDs, LEDs, cameras, servo motors and a quadrature counter.

Key Features

  • Enable pulse and configure duration for each output
  • Support for PWM configuration (frequency up to 10KHz and duty cycle)
  • LED current (up to 100mA) and maximum nominal current configuration
  • Up to 2 cameras controlling (DO0 and DO1)
  • Up to 2 servo motors (DO2 and DO3)
  • Up to 1 quadrature counter (Port2) (Note: Port0 and Port1 can also act as quadrature counters but this is a request feature)


  • 1x clock sync input (CLKIN) [stereo jack]
  • 1x USB (for computer) [USB type B]
  • 1x 12V supply [barrel connector jack]
  • 3x poke connectors (LED+12V valve) (Poke0, Poke1, Poke2) [RJ45]
  • 2x LEDs outputs (5V) (LED0, LED1) [screw terminal]
  • 2x RGB LEDs outputs (5V) (RGB0, RGB1) [flick lock 3x male pins]
  • 4x general purpose digital outputs with PWM (5V) (DO0-DO3) [screw terminal]
  • 1x ADC (5V) [screw terminal]


  • Behavioral experiments

SW configuration options

  • Outputs: pulse duration, PWM (frequency and duty cycle)
  • LEDs: RGB values, current, and maximum nominal current
  • Extended features: cameras, servo motors, and quadrature counter
  • Event firing on: Digital DIs from Ports / Infrared beams from Pokes, Digital DIOs from Ports, Data (includes Analog Input and Encoder), When send a trigger to camera on DO 0, When send a trigger to camera on DO 1

Download SW

Photodiode v2.1

Linear photodiode for screen calibration and synchronization with visual stimuli.


  • 1x Analog output proporcional to the light

Mice poke simple v1.2

Poke compatible with Behavior board.


  • 1x LED
  • 1x Digital Input/Output (DIO1) [flick lock]
  • 1x Infrared port [RJ45]
[Top view]
[Bottom view]

Behavior poke port breakout v1.0

Interface for behavior poke.


  • 1x Digital Input (DI)
  • 1x Digital Input / Output (DIO)
  • 1x Digital Output (DO)
  • 1x 5V supply (+5V)
  • 1x 12V supply (+12V)
  • 1x supply return (compatible for +5V and +12V) (SUP_RTN)

[all ports available as screw terminal and RJ45]

[Top view]

Outputs Pulse

Extended features