Camera trigger control

This device allows to trigger up to 2 cameras at a predefined frequency pulse or 2 servo motors. Connect cameras to CAM0 TRIG and CAM1 TRIG ports.

Key Features

  • Separate sample frequency for each camera
  • Alternate between camera triggering and servo motor controlling
  • Each camera output can be handled as pure digital output


  • 1x clock sync input (CLKIN) [stereo jack]
  • 1x USB (for computer) [USB type B]
  • 1x 5V supply out [screw terminal]
  • 4x digital outputs (I/O interface for 2 cameras): CAM0 TRIG, CAM0 SYNC, CAM1 TRIG, CAM1 SYNC [screw terminal]
  • 1x digital input for general purpose or camera control (IN0) [BNC]


  • Experiments that require camera recordings with external control

SW configuration options

  • Cameras: sample frequency (up to 1KHz)
  • Servo motor controller: PWM period (microseconds) and pulse period (microseconds)
  • Digital input: General purpose or enable camera/motor depending on IN0 state
  • Sync pulses (up to 100s)
  • Event firing on: trigger and synchronism outputs, and IN0


Input and Sync pulses

Control & Status