Load Cells

Load cells acquisition

This device is an ADC interface for reading load cells values and output to the Load Cells interface device.

Key Features


  • 4x flick lock connectors (X1 to X4) with 4 analog inputs each (5V, I+, I-, 0V)
  • 1x digital output [RJ45]


  • Pressure-sensitive setups

Load cells interface

This device receives digital inputs from 1 or 2 load cells devices and handles data to be output to a computer through a USB port.

It requires a 12V energy supply.

Key Features

  • Controls up to 2 load cells devices
  • Digital outputs can be regulated at 3V or 5V


  • 1x BNC input signal (IN0)
  • 1x BNC output signal (Out0)
  • 1x screw terminal connector interface (GND, DOUT1 to DOUT8, DIN0)
  • 2x RJ45 for digital inputs (from load cells devices)
  • 1x stereo jack for clock sync input (CLKIN)
  • 1x USB (for computer)
  • 1x power barrel connector jack (12V only)
  • 1x screw terminal connector for 5V output (GND, +5V)